Still Not Convinced

When I found out I was pregnant, I was in complete disbelief. We had done one IUI (intrauterine insemination) using one frozen-then-thawed sperm vile purchased from the California CryoBank. How could it happen in one shot? I mean, yes, it is exactly what we wanted. And yes, it was a day I had been dreaming about since I was about 3 years old. And yes, it would be the most miraculous of miracles for us to get pregnant on the first try and be able to actually save our money for the baby (versus spending the money on trying to start our family).

Nonetheless, I was in complete disbelief. In fact, today I am 5 weeks, 4 days pregnant and I still don't believe it. Every day I experience mild cramping, similar to the cramping I get prior to leading up to my periods. Granted, this type of cramping is also normal with pregnancy as the uterus has to grow and expand, this whole pregnancy phenomena still has me unsure. Every time I need to pee, I hold my breathe in anticipation, half expecting to see I have started my period. I am 11 days late and still I am anxious. 


I think at this point, I am most fearful of miscarrying. I have only been officially pregnant for one week and losing this pregnancy would in fact be utterly heartbreaking.

How have/are you handling being pregnant during your first few weeks? Comment below!