Our Newborn Shoot

Sydney had found and fallen in love with Breezy Ann Photography (BAP) nearly two years ago. And for those of you doing math, yes, this was before we were pregnant — before we had even begun the process of getting pregnant. Sydney was set on Anna (the magician behind BAP) one day doing our maternity shoot and newborn shoot.

Fast forward to finding out we were indeed expecting, and Sydney booked Anna when she was just 13 weeks pregnant. Well, the months came and went, the maternity shoot was nothing short of beautiful, artistic, and intimate, and Thea’s birth day was celebrated. It was go time!

Now for those of you expecting your first, having a newborn shoot sounds picturesque. All the photos we have seen look serene and picture-perfect. What we didn’t know — or really understand — until we were in the shoes, was that a newborn shoot happens as close to the birth as possible. Why? It’s when the babes sleep the most, allowing the photographer the most leeway into creating all sorts of cute and ridiculous poses. What else does that mean? In the midst and height of sleep deprivation, new parents need to face what will most likely be their first outing … to a photoshoot … where they too will be photographed in all their glory.

Luckily for us, Anna is a warm, caring, thoughtful, creative, loving, gentle, genius photographer. We both felt right at home and captured the beginning moments of our new little family. Here’s a look at some of the awesome images captured…