How We Told Our Family

We found we were pregnant on Wednesday, March 28th. Two days later, after our second hCG blood draw going really well, the doctor felt strongly about this being a healthy and viable pregnancy. Well, that same day was the first night of Passover and my parents were hosting. 

The house smelled incredible, we had a beautiful white tent with fairy lights in the backyard set up, and my family sitting all around it. Not only was it the first night of Passover, it was also Shabbat. One of our family traditions during Shabbat is to go around the table share what you are grateful for. It's my most favorite time of the week. 

I also should warn you that my family is not like most families. We are a family of listeners. We share, talk, emote, love, all with open arms. It's not unusual for one person to share a piece of news and by the time they hang up the phone the rest of the family knows. It's just how we work.

I felt like news like this should be shared in person and would need to be done in one foul swoop. I also know that there are a lot of superstitions about waiting until you're out of the first trimester to share the news. Here is our thinking...

Whether good, bad, or sad ensues during the first trimester, having a support system to celebrate the good and carry you during the bad is so important for us. We don't want to keep such happy news from our community and on the other hand, we want and will need them in case of a miscarriage. We also believe that there is so much taboo about the M word. Not to take away from the heartbreak, sadness, anger, and fear you can experience with a miscarriage, it's also important to know the facts. Approximately 15% to 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage and 80% of miscarriages occur in the first trimester. 

So we felt like the time to share was then and there. Just a mere one month pregnant, we ripped the band-aid off and shared the news.

When, how and with whom did you share the news? Comment below!