Our Birthing Video

The best choice we had made while I was pregnant was finding the way to save and budget to hire a birthing photographer and videographer. Lucky for us, we found Rebecca who really does it all. She is a one woman show who is able to take photos and videos on her camera and is also certified as a doula, something we found to be invaluable. To top it all off, our parents gifted us half of her services, allowing us to actually make this dream happen.

There is only so much you can possibly remember when looking back on your birthing journey — partner, parents, midwives included. But having it captured in a video really gives you a birds eye view on what happened, how it happened, and shares the story so deeply and intimately.

My mom was my doula and birthing coach. She has been gearing me up for my labor since I was a baby, teaching me to self soothe and find my “place” for deep relaxation. For me? It’s the 100-Acre Woods, laying in a field with Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. My mom also happens to be trained in a childbirth education program, The Bradley Method. Bradley really focuses on natural births through deep relaxation — a perfect fit for us! Needless to say, I couldn’t have asked for a better coach — someone whose known me since I was in utero, who loves me unconditionally, and knows my temperament inside and out.

Here is my birthing story, as told through the lens of Rebecca.