Our Labor and Delivery Shoot

It may seem obvious, but we’d like you to be forewarned that this post contains explicit images of birth. This means you will see nudity, from head to toe, stretch marks, placenta and all.

I am proud of what my body accomplished. It served as our baby girl’s first home, as she grew from the size of a poppy seed to that of a watermelon. The day of her birth came and went so quickly. Thea and I worked together, as I used each contraction as a reminder that we were that much closer to meeting, and as she descended quickly and vigorously, knowing she too, would be meeting us soon.

If you read our previous post, you will know that we had over a dozen people in our home as I labored, pushed, and welcomed Thea into this world. We were surrounded by family and friends, warmth and song.

The greatest gift Brit and I gave each other going into our birth plan was having it captured. Receiving the photos 3 months later has proved to be an even greater gift as it’s the perfect walk down memory lane. I was so focused that I couldn’t have known what else was going on around me.

And for those of you in the Los Angeles area, whether you’re planning to deliver at home, birthing center, or hospital, please consider Rebecca Coursey — there is no other woman greater. She’s not only a photographer and videographer, but a doula. Having her energy, spirit, talent, and warmth is a gift that is indescribable.

As we anxiously await our video, we are so excited and happy to share the photos that were captured by Rebecca.