3 Years Later, Still Living Happily Ever After

Wow. Three years have come and gone in a blink of an eye. This is now the second greatest day of our life, following the birth of Thea just a few months ago. And although the details of our actual wedding day didn’t go exactly according to plan — when do they ever?! — it was still one of the greatest days — moments — of our life.

We were married at our temple, Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue (MJC&S), in Malibu by our Rabbi and Cantor (the same Cantor who was at our home birth and played his guitar as Thea quite literally made her way into this world). It had been an especially rainy winter and spring, much like the one we are experiencing this year in Los Angeles. In fact, it had rained 6 days prior to our wedding day, which we took to be a good luck sign. Lucky for us, the hills and grounds of our temple were full of green lush grass, the mountains in full color.

Much like we the rest of our lives, we had the best village surrounding us, putting together this epic day. We share our video with you as a reminder and break from the every day, mundane news, and as a source of hope, love, inspiration, togetherness, and family.

Our Vows

We actually got this idea from a friend of ours. For our vows, we each wrote 5 promises to each other — the only one we agreed to prior to the ceremony was ending each of our promises with same vow, “I promise to always choose you.” The rest of our vows were complete surprises to each other, and during the ceremony, we took turns reading our vows, one after the other (instead of the traditional one person after the other).

Sydney: I promise to love you forever and always, knowing you to be your best self, even when you don't see it.
Brit: I promise to be your best friend and to always listen for your commitment.

Sydney: I promise to tell you I love every morning when we wake up and before we go to sleep; to always go to bed happy and complete; and to seal each and every day with a kiss.
Brit: I promise to always know where we are or how to get to where we're going....and if not, to be the one to ask for directions.

Sydney: I promise to take turns being the little spoon and the big spoon...but mainly the little spoon.
Brit: I promise to build a Jewish home with you, teach our children where they come from and to always give when we have the means to do so.

Sydney: I promise our children will grow up in a home where they know how much their parents are in love and they know how much they are loved.
Brit: I promise to hold your hand and take you on adventures of a lifetime.

Sydney: I promise to always choose you.
Brit: I promise to always choose you.

Our Village:

Videographers: Light Up Video | Dresses: Pebbles Bridal and Winnie Couture | Flowers, Chuppah and Decor: The Exotic Green Garden | Jewelry: Sarah Leonard Jewelers and Nordstrom | Hair: Aubrey Loots Hair | Makeup: J. The MakeUp Studio | Photographer: Laurie Bailey Photography

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