Our Baby Shower

We had such an amazingly beautiful baby shower. Our only job was to show up. which is our favorite kind of party! We did our best to keep it intimate and small, only inviting our family and closest friends (and in our case, that means hosting over 50 people) . It took place in my parents backyard — my #1 favorite spot to host events — and was picture perfect.

The day itself was perfect. It was sunny without being too hot, a huge plus for when your 32 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, I woke up that day not feeling well. To this day, I 100% believe I wasn’t feeling too hot because of how overwhelmed I was with emotions. Something about making it to the baby shower signified a milestone in my head that had me feel extra connected to my baby and solidified me becoming a ‘mommy.’

We played some awesome games (yes, we are THOSE kinds of people), ate some amazing tacos, and were treated to some seriously kick ass desserts. In short and in long, it was a memorable, emotional, beautiful day.

It may have been one of the most Pinterest-worthy events I had been to, so we of course want to share it all with you. And thanks to our amazing family and friends, we were able to capture the essence of what was our baby shower.