Our Little Secret

This past weekend was weird. And I don't mean in a bad way, but in a way where I feel like I am living a double life, or in a parallel universe. We spent the whole weekend with our parents so it felt strange. No one knows we inseminated. It’s our little secret (and I tell my parents everything!!). And we don't want anyone to know because we feel like there isn’t anything to share...yet. Since we have to pay a premium for half of the ingredients, we figure we should be as cautious as possible. To us, that means keeping our insemination attempts to ourselves until one sticks.

It becomes a bit tricky, though. I noticed so many time where both Brit and I wanted to share with our parents and friends what we were up to. How we are abstaining from alcohol, caffeine for a more important reason. Or that the real reason I severely tweaked my lower back wasn't because of the heavy lifting we did (really it was only Brit) but in fact because of how I was laying on my back with my legs in the air for an hour. Or why I had suggested a dip in the hot tub but then refrained from really going in. 

And of course, this may all be for nothing this time around. I may not actually be pregnant. I may just be normal Syd going above and beyond and out of my own way to ensure a healthy first trimester for nothing. Most of me is SOLD on the fact that I am not pregnant. There is no way that our very first attempt could be successful. There is also no way that we could get the timing right. No way. But then again, there really is no way of knowing; so I am a bit skeptical and hopeful it did work.

Only time will tell...